Formed in a dark cave in the Blue Ridge Mountains, forged of Redneck and Steel

it was 1995 as the Sacred 3 came together, although Steve and Dave had been a musical pair since high school, Hoss (the artist formerly known as Mole) joined up in LaLa land, and immediately locked into history what was to be an amazing collection of talent and brotherhood.


The fat years of 1996 til 2000 featured a large quantity of Bread, Cheese and Alcohol, and tour bookings guaranteed to rid the earth of all crude oil. A magical time, making a lot of trouble and a little bit of music. Too loud you may say, well, Dave can't hear you


The years past and change was in the air, after 2000 the band was on a long "break" until Dave James and Jan got together to record "Sufferboy" in 2008. After another healthy break Dave got some anti-freeze slipped into his coffee from a suspicious fan and a few hours later had recorded "Generation Vulture" in 2016.


Generation Vulture serves as a rebirth of a band that will not die, no matter how we try to kill it, over and over again

you can hear the essential building blocks of JUD in the new album as it features not only original low man Steve Cordrey on Bass, also features James Schmidt on drums (Chasing California/Sufferboy).


only the Fake News Deptartment knows what is in store for JUD, we can tell you roughly that something if anything perhaps everything could possibly be happening, this could on the other hand, all just be one big joke, one day sun, one day rain,

JUD is part of musical history, and you where there too


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